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Single-Disc automatic Rhinestone ultrasonic Fixing Machine

Single-Disc automatic Rhinestone ultrasonic  Fixing Machine

Single-Disc Rhinestone Fixing Machine

This Single-Disc Rhinestone Fixing Machine can fix hotfix rhinestones, hotfix studs, hotfix crystals ect. instantly on the material (velvet, jeans, knitted fabric, PU leather, genuine leather or any other synthetic leather) by ultrasonic.


1. Placing crystals is an easy work with this machine.
   Semi-automatic machine, the operator just need to move the fabric to right place , the machine will pick and fix the stones automatic.

2. The work speed of this High-tech device can reach120 stones per minute, better than traditional type five times.

3. One machine can work with several sizes of crystals from 1.7mm to 7.0 mm.
Patented changeable applicator tip, according to crystals size and simple procedure in changing.


4. Your stones as well as your precious fabrics will be protect well.
Ultrasonic machine is an ideal for applying hotfix crystals, the High-tech energy converter make sure the hotfix crystals be placed on your items quickly and staying long. What more. different from the electrothermal heating device (like Iron ect ), the ultrasonic work will protect your hotfix crystals as well as your items. It won't burn your precious fabrics.
If your work with precious hotfix crystals, different silica gel pads are suggested.

5.durable. Continuous 24-hours work is not a problem.

6. Friendly to new users, portable and easy to start.

7. complete technical service.