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Automatic rhinestone ultrasonic setting machine

Automatic rhinestone ultrasonic setting machine

Ultrasonic and heater hot-fix setting machine. Enables to fix any kind of rhinestones, metal studs and rhinestuds onto any sort of fabric regardless of its thickness (e.g. nylon).

Two cooperative baskets enable to fix 2 different sizes or colors of rhinestones without any separate changing of round board. Soft oscillating system, applied in pneumatic feeder, prevents the rhinestones from being crushed or scratched. Special vacuum holder pin makes the air flow smoother. Also prevents the vacuum holder cup from being clogged by the fine fragments of rhinestones. Machine equipped with control panel for setting work parameters, digital screen counter showing numbers of operations and adjustable laser pointer. Max. capacity 130 pcs/min. Set with 2 various round boards for fixing rhinestones of diameter 2-7mm and metal studs of diameter of 2-8mm, various nozzles for pneumatic feeder, narrow board for application to trousers or stockings.
Voltage 230V, ultrasonic power 200W, frequency 28kHz, operation board size 330x400mm, compressed air is necessary 5-6 bar.